In July 2018, I painted a mural at Bondi Beach to raise awareness for those living with Ostomies. Waverly Council were calling for entries, and my design won a spot on the wall. It is an important condition to raise awareness for as there are 44,000 Australians currently living with an Ostomy, either due to bowel disease, bowel cancer or failure of the digestive system. My artwork portrays this theme in a positive and lighthearted way. There is usually a lot of stigma around ostomies and IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). Using colourful and playful art is a step towards reducing the stigma: making the topic more approachable and to spark a conversation about it.
I was proudly sponsored by Omnigon, who supply ostomy and wound care products, to produce this artwork. 
To follow my ostomy instagram account, check out @emjayuc
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